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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Election Shmelection

Peo: We've been some lame ass bloggers recently.
Reo: Yeah, start a blog and get all fired-up for a couple of months and then get lazy.
Peo: Thing is, we were so stunned by the US elections that...
Reo: That we didn't know what to say. Plus, everybody and their uncle had an opinion.
Peo: So we stayed out of it. We're going to wait and see if the democrats can get anything done.
Reo: Yeah, we'll be watching them with a microscope.
Peo: By the way, Idaho went the other way.
Reo: Meaning?
Peo: Republican sweep. All statewide office holders, by good margins too, including Bill Sali, a guy other republicans called an imbecile.
Reo: I would think if a party was assured of getting their person in every office, every time that they would recruit and nominate good people, not jackasses.
Peo: Believe me Reo, the Idaho republican party has been full of jackasses for many many years.
Reo: Name names!
Peo: OK
Reo: OK? Cool!
Peo: Steve Symms, Butch Otter, Helen Chenoweth, Dirk Kempthorne, Jim Risch, Larry Craig (gay but not out), George Hansen... And some crazy school board members.
Reo: What a way to wrap-up a blog. Be good everybody.


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