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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Senator Craig Should Resign

Reo: Idaho's US Senator cruises public toilets and Senator Larry Craig gets arrested.
Peo: Here's the deal, the cop knows what the "signs" are when gay men are looking for a tryst in this public toilet because he has been investigating and arresting people...
Reo: For taking stall space from people who really gotta go.
Peo: Yep. So how does Larry Craig know about these signals?
Reo: That right there is enough, Peo, to show it can not be excused by a "wide sitting stance".
Peo: Next, when he says that his local newspaper has started a "witch hunt".
Reo: A witch is a woman. Gay men often call themselves names usually associated with women.
Peo: Yep. Next, Craig protests too much. Even in Shakespeare's time, protesting too much raised suspicion.
Reo: Like when Craig said he didn't have sex with any male pages when no one had said he did.
Peo: Yep. And lastly, he pled guilty, and said in the plea that he would make "no claim that I am innocent".
Reo: Would you plead guilty to something you didn't do? I mean besides a parking ticket.
Peo: Nope.
Reo: Now this is someone you outed on December 7, 2006.
Peo; And you were against it.
Reo: Because there is nothing wrong with being gay and everyone in Idaho already knew or suspected. But you convinced me that Craig had voted against and spoken out against every issue involving the fair treatment of homosexuals.
Peo: There is something wrong with being a hypocrite.
Reo: Craig should resign, now and avoid further embarrassment of the republican party.

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