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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stay in the car, stranded motorists!

Reo: I'm from the Oregon mountains, Peo is from Idaho and we know something that evidently many other people do not...
Peo: All caps buddy.
Reo: STAY IN YOUR CAR if you are stranded on a snowy road. NO MATTER WHAT. Even if you are out of gas and food. The only time you should get out is to use the toilet or to get some snow or water to drink.
Peo: You can be found on the road, not so easily in the woods.
Reo: Storms don't last forever, you will be found. Someone will come along or rescuers will fly along the roads and look for you. If you leave your car, you will die of exposure.
Peo: Tell people where you are going, your route and expected arrival time so they know where to look if you don't show up.
Reo: And pack blankets, water and food. People used to do this in the old days and have gotten away from it the last few years. Believe me, most all of central Oregon and central Idaho has NO mobile phone service.
Peo: Stay in you car.

Election Shmelection

Peo: We've been some lame ass bloggers recently.
Reo: Yeah, start a blog and get all fired-up for a couple of months and then get lazy.
Peo: Thing is, we were so stunned by the US elections that...
Reo: That we didn't know what to say. Plus, everybody and their uncle had an opinion.
Peo: So we stayed out of it. We're going to wait and see if the democrats can get anything done.
Reo: Yeah, we'll be watching them with a microscope.
Peo: By the way, Idaho went the other way.
Reo: Meaning?
Peo: Republican sweep. All statewide office holders, by good margins too, including Bill Sali, a guy other republicans called an imbecile.
Reo: I would think if a party was assured of getting their person in every office, every time that they would recruit and nominate good people, not jackasses.
Peo: Believe me Reo, the Idaho republican party has been full of jackasses for many many years.
Reo: Name names!
Peo: OK
Reo: OK? Cool!
Peo: Steve Symms, Butch Otter, Helen Chenoweth, Dirk Kempthorne, Jim Risch, Larry Craig (gay but not out), George Hansen... And some crazy school board members.
Reo: What a way to wrap-up a blog. Be good everybody.