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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Future Fiction

Reo: There's a lot of buzz lately about "Future Fiction" in the book and readers world these days.
Peo: I like that phrase.
Reo: Future fiction or books and readers.
Peo: Uh, both I guess.
Reo: Uh, well said.
Peo: I guess I can't join either club...
Reo: Anyway, Future Fiction is like 1984, Brave New World, Anthem and other such fiction works that include critical analyses of mankind's future." according to Mark Salow, author of Darwin's Orphans.
Peo: Great new paperback.
Reo: Yes, check it out. Anyway, it is a great term for a genre of fiction that I have always love; imagining the future.
Peo: It isn't quite like science fiction but involves more politics and personal relationships.
Reo: More about how we might live and how the future will affect us as individuals.
Peo: Rather than just the tech of it all.
Reo: Though I do love my Star Trek.
Peo: Beam me aboard Reo!
Reo: SHrrrzzzzzzzzziuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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