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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh how we could spend the Iraq war money...

Peo: Fast trains.
Reo: Yeah, Seattle to San Diego. Boston to Miami. Or at least from some of the major airports to downtown Atlanta, NYC, Chicago, and so on.
Peo: Park service.
Reo: Food and drug inspectors. And product inspectors to intercept all the lead toys from China.
Peo: What about securing our ports and airports and nuclear facilities?
Reo: Sure Peo, if you really want to talk about what would make people safer, then we should talk infrastructure.
Peo: Yeah, infrastructure!
Reo: Bridges and tunnels and roads and pipes and wires and antennas oh my!
Peo: What we could do with the $100,000 per minute cost of occupation.
Reo: As of today, Aug. 22, 2007, we are looking at $454 billion. Billion with a "B".
Peo: What a sickening waste. I'm going to go and nap...